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I had had a house cleaner for a little over a year when I contacted Heather for a quote. She immediately appealed to my inner hippie with all her natural and home made cleaners. She uses Norwex, which I had done some research on beforehand, and I just love their products. We discussed what was important to me and my expectations. She has gotten my crummy shower sparkling white, after two people told me there is nothing else that can be done. Heather exceeded my expectations on her first visit, and has done so every SINGLE TIME since then. I absolutely love and adore her. She’s the best!

Charlotte M.


Heather has been providing her fantastic house cleaning service to us for almost six months and we couldn't be happier. We have always been extremely pleased with the work that she's done. We're really impressed with her dedication and desire to get things clean- calling her a "cleaning enthusiast" would be putting it mildly! She clearly enjoys what she does, and she's managed to get things cleaner than we've ever seen them in the past! And for the really stubborn areas (that even we'd given up on) she's tried different things attempting to resolve the problem. I also appreciate that she's always open to feedback and asks if anything needs special attention. I love that we can trust her to be in our home while we are not there. It's so nice to come home to an impeccable house and it's very motivating to keep the house tidy between cleans. I would recommend Mommy's Maid Services in a heartbeat!

Elaine M.


Mommy's Maid Services has been cleaning my home for nearly one year. Though I love coming home to a clean house, I was always concerned about chemicals harming my pets. With my former cleaning company, I would always lock the dogs up so they would not get into the cleaning supplies or bother the cleaners. Heather brings treats for my pups and lets them out of the kennel so they're not locked up all day. It's a relief knowing my house will be clean when I get home and that my dogs have had some extra attention! If your pets are your family, then Mommy's Maid Services is the perfect cleaners!

Dusty T.







The only fights in my home were over who was cleaning. Mommy's Maid Services has rescued me! No more headaches over who cleans what, and now I have a happy husband and a clean house! Heather even got my shower cleaner than I have ever seen it, she is my own personal fairy godmother!

Michelle L.

Client Testimonials

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Mommy's Maid Services
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